Industrial & Electrical Fog Fire Hose Nozzle

Our industrial fog nozzles were created to handle the rigors of industrial needs in refineries, chemical plants, office complexes and other on-site situations. Several different materials are available to suit every need, and most nozzles are U.L. listed and/or FM approved. The fog nozzles with the electrical specification are designed to be used on class “C” hazards and utilize only fog capabilities in combating blazes at 10’ or more from live electrical equipment and/or circuits with voltage up to 250,000. All other industrial fog nozzles can be used in either straight stream or fog combinations.

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Industrial & Electrical Fog Nozzle Configurations
Figures depict general product types only and are not intended to be inclusive of all product features.
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All nozzles are NHT unless otherwise specified. See index T-13 for optional base threads, including British instantaneous.

There are currently no dimensions available.

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