Elkhart Brass Sidewinder EXM UHP
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Sidewinder® EXM2 UHP EXM

* nozzle sold separately
Compact, ultra high pressure, water cannon/monitor designed to meet US Military standards and available for other applications.

Taking the Sidewinder EXM2 to the next level, Elkhart’s 7161 Sidewinder EXM UltraHigh Pressure (UHP) monitor has been designed and developed to meet U.S. Air Force specifications, and is now being offered for all other UHP needs; including Aircraft Rescue & Fire Fighting (ARFF).

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Model 7161X2
Max Flow GPM (LPM) 300 (1200)
Max Pressure 1500 PSI (105 bar)
Inlet 2.5" NPT
Outlet 1.5" NHT
Travel V: -45° to +90° (135°)
H: L90 to R90 (180°)
Voltage 12 or 24 VDC compatible
Control CAN bus (J1939)
Communication 915 MHz RF - FCC
868 MHz RF - CE
Material/Finish Teflon impregnated, hard anodized Elk-O-Lite®
Stow Height 12.3" (313 mm)
Weight 27 Lbs.

Panel Mount (2) Handheld (3) Joystick (4)
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Position Display (5) 5000-14E UHP Nozzle (6)  
Recommenced Products Position Display Recommenced Products 5000-14E UHP Nozzle  

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