Plain & Clappered Siamese

Used to converge several flows into a single flow, usually in situations where seconds count, a Siamese must be both reliable and intuitive to use. Clappers allow additional lines to be added without interrupting flow. As with all Elkhart products, years of dependable service are to be expected from an Elkhart Siamese. While all the Siamese are finished in red urethane enamel, the Elk-O-Lite® versions feature hard anodized trim and the brass versions offer satin brass trim.

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Fig. 1
2/2A Siamese from Elkhart Brass2 / 2A

  • Apparatus mountable
Fig. 2
model 4 / 4A Siamese from Elkhart Brass4 / 4A

  • Apparatus mountable
  • Leather carrying handle
Fig. 3
9702 Siamese from Elkhart Brass9702

  • Adjustable relief valve (75-250 psi)
  • Locking Storz
  • For ground use
Fig. 4
model 9703 Siamese from Elkhart Brass9703

  • Adjustable relief valve (75-250 psi)
  • Locking Storz
  • For ground use

Plain And Clappered Siamese selection chart from Elkhart BrassClick for larger view
*Scroll to the right on mobile to see entire chart
Length (Inches) Weight (Lbs.)
7.3 9.8 2
7.3 9.8 2
7.3 4.5 2A
8.8 8.6 4A
7.1 12.0 4
11.0 16.5 9702
13.5 19.0 9703


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