Piston Intakes

Elkhart offers piston intake valves in your choice of materials. All piston valves include a variety of features to make your job easier: folding hand-wheel spinner, durable urethane seat, 4½” waterway, ¾” bleeder valve, adjustable relief/dump valve (75 to 250 psi), and a red urethane enamel finish.

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Elkhart Brass Piston Intake selection guide

Piston Intake Valves from Elkhart Brass

While many piston intake valves have the common issue of corrosion, resulting in minor leaks to complete failure — depending on service conditions and water supply; Elkhart’s 9786 piston intake valve offers a solution. The replaceable anode electrolytically decomposes, while inhibiting the metal breakdown of the piston intake valve.

Length (Inches) Weight (Lbs.)
10.5 10.8 BG-104A*
10.5 23.5 BG-104
16.0 48.9 9743
16.0 46.9 9843

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