Elkhart Brass Nitro HD
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Nitro HD

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The Nitro HD water cannon/monitor is specially designed for severe duty cycles. Unique waterway swivel joints utilize stainless steel thrust rods and needle roller thrust bearings for unprecedented durability in mining and construction applications. High power, permanent magnet DC gear motors that drive the left-right and up-down water cannon/monitor motions are NEMA 4 rated for use in harsh environments. The water cannon/monitor has a flow efficient 2¼" vaned waterway to minimize turbulence and provide superior nozzle streams. The water supply connection in the water cannon/monitor base is a 2½” female national pipe thread, and the discharge nozzle connection has a 2½" national hose male thread.

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Model 8100
Max Flow GPM (LPM) 750 (2840)
Max Pressure 250 PSI (17.2 bar)
Inlet 2.5” NPT
Outlet 2.5” NHT
Travel (Factory Settings) V: Max 135°
H: Max 350°
Voltage 12 or 24 VDC (auto)
Swing Radius 9.0” (230 mm)
Stow Height 13.2” (335 mm)
Weight 17 lbs (7.7 Kg)

Flow(GPM) Reach(Feet)
350 125
500 150
700 175
Flow(LPM) Reach(Meters)
1325 38
1893 46
2650 53
*At rated pressure of 100 PSI and a 32° angle above ground elevation

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