Hose to Hose Adapters

In the over 100 years Elkhart has been a fire service manufacturer, we have created a wide assortment of standardized adapters to meet the varied needs of the fire industry. This extensive selection includes thread adapters to suit any need — whether for a male to female; a suction adapter with built-in strainer, NHT, NPT or custom order; or even for a universal adapter — you can find the perfect fit here.

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Fig. 1
F-327 from Elkhart BrassF-327
  • Double swivel female
  • Cast brass finish (chrome optional)
Fig. 2
F-327A from Elkhart BrassF-327A
  • Double swivel female
Fig. 3
105 from Elkhart Brass105
  • 45º discharge elbow
  • Female rocker lug
  • Chrome finish


Fig. 4
M-327A from Elkhart BrassM-327A
  • Double male
Fig. 5
M-327ABI from Elkhart BrassM-327ABI
  • Double male British Instantaneous
Fig. 6
M-327 from Elkhart BrassM-327
  • Double male
  • Cast brass finish (chrome optional)


Fig. 7
D-327A from Elkhart BrassD-327A
  • Direct connect adapter
Fig. 8
D-327 from Elkhart BrassD-327
  • Direct connect adapter
  • Chrome finish (cast brass optional)
Fig. 9
A-327 from Elkhart BrassA-327
  • Female rocker lug
Fig. 10
A-327A from Elkhart BrassA-327A
  • Female rocker lug
Fig. 11
S-327 from Elkhart BrassS-327
  • Internal lug body
  • External female rocker lug
  • Cast brass finish (chrome optional)

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105A High Rise Elbow
Universal Adapters from Elkhart Brass
  • 45° drain elbow
  • 2.5" Female free swivel
  • 2.5" Male discharge
  • Integrated Model 114 drain valve
  • 250 GPM flow
  • 200 PSI operating pressure
  • 1 lb. 3 oz.

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Universal Adapter
Universal Adapters from Elkhart Brass
  • Cast brass construction with chrome- plated finish
  • Adapts any 2.5” hose thread to 2.5” NHT
  • Positive ratchet lock with thumb release
  • Weight: 6.42 lbs.

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