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Foam Supply Kits

Elkhart offers two supply kits. Both kits include one 3/4” quarter-turn inlet valve assembly with elbow, quick connect female coupling and plug with chain, a brushed stainless steel escutcheon plate and a foam pick-up hose assembly with quick-connect male coupling.

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Kit 1

Foam Eductors Supply Kit 1
is a built in by-pass foam eductor to utilize an off-board foam concentrate supply — either when the on-board supply has been depleted or to allow use of another type of foam concentrate. (P/N 81231001)

Kit 2

Kit 2
allows the use of an on-board foam concentrate tank with a separate portable foam eductor (such as Elkhart’s 240 and 241 series) attached to a pump side discharge; permits easy switching from alternative supply to the on-board supply tank and back as necessary. (P/N 81232001)


Fire Hose Reels Available from mdi

Hannay - Fire Hose Reels
Hannay Fire Hose Reels
Hannay Fire Rescue Hose Reels make deployment and pickup times faster so you and your crew can work more effectively and efficiently when every second counts.