Flush 4-Way Outlet Connections

All 4-way outlet connections are cast brass construction and come furnished with an escutcheon, cap and chain assemblies plus a hex adapter.

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Each 2½" M NHT outlet has a rated flow of 250 gpm (946 lpm).
Inlet connection is a 6" NPT.
Supplied with caps (#310) and chains.
Bodies rated for 175 psi (12.1 bar).
Unless otherwise noted, all hose threads are NHT. See index T-13 for available optional threads.
See page 13-18 for Flush Outlet Connections.
3" NPT nipple required. Elkhart Brass does not supply.

Figure 1
flush 4-way outlet 743 from Elkhart Brass
Figure 2
flush 4-way Outlet 784/784-p from Elkhart Brass
Figure 3
flush 4-way outlet 785 from Elkhart Brass
Figure 4
flush 4-way Outlet 787 from Elkhart Brass

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