Elkhart Brass Copperhead
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The Copperhead's rugged, corrosion-resistant brass construction is ideal for use in refineries, chemical plants, off-shore installations, and for shipboard use. Industrial reliability/low maintenance features include: fully enclosed gearcase, brass balls in all swivel joints, and grease fittings for easy lubrication. This efficient design creates the most cost effective brass water cannon/monitor in its flow class. Copperhead has low friction loss due to 3 3/8" patented vaned elliptical waterway and small footprint — less than 15" wide and requires just 16" of clearance — makes it ideal for tight spaces.

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Max Flow GPM (LPM) 1250 (4732)
Inlet 4” 150# ANSI Flange
3" 150# ANSI Flange
3" NPT(F)
Outlet 2.5” NHT
Controls Tiller
Dual hand-wheel – rotating base
Dual hand-wheel – fixed base
Material/Finish Brass with red urethane enamel
Friction Loss Copperhead 16 psi at 1250 gpm
12 psi at 1000 gpm
Friction Loss Copperhead IV 21 psi at 1250 gpm
16 psi at 1000 gpm
Travel V: -45º to +90º (135º)
V: -49º to +86º (135º)
H: 360º (continuous)
Weight Varies (See specification chart)
Ratings and Certifications CE and FM Approved

Copperhead Figure 3
Elkhart Brass Copperhead selection guide

SM-1000HF –
SM 1000HF Self-Educting IMS-500 Select-O-Stream J-Mystery Stream Shaper
181- SMOOTH BORE SM-1250B X-STREAM® WPO - 2000
Smooth Bore SM-1250B X-Stream WPO-2000

In addition to offering the only brass dual hand-wheel monitor of this size on the market, Elkhart’s Copperhead monitor boasts a choice of base configurations:
Product Hightlights(5) Product Hightlights(6)
The fixed base dual hand-wheel control allows the operator
to remain in a stationary position while manipulating the
horizontal movement of the monitor.
The fixed nature of the horizontal control can
be especially beneficial when operating space is limited.
When using the rotating base dual hand-wheel control,
the operator moves in tandem with the monitor while managing
the monitor’s horizontal travel.
The rotating base allows the operator to maintain
visual contact with the monitor’s stream direction.
In most industrial settings where the traditional- 294-11 is currently used, the Copperhead would be an appropriate replacement.
The Copperhead offers a choice of control styles as well as higher flow capacity.

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