Elkhart Brass Cobra EXM
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Cobra™ EXM

* nozzle sold separately
The Cobra EXM is an Efficient, high-flow, electric remote controlled water cannon/monitor for fire apparatus, industrial pumper, and aerial vehicles. The COBRA™ EXM water cannon/monitor is specially designed to be compact providing a greatly reduced swing radius. Unique waterway swivel joints utilize stainless steel thrust rods, and needle roller thrust bearings, for unprecedented durability in a range of applications. The COBRA™ EXM utilizes a cast vaned waterway to minimize large-scale turbulence. The water cannon/monitor may be powered with 12 or 24 volts. Several base options are available for use with the COBRA™ EXM including a 3" flange, DN80-PN16 flange, 4" flange, 3" female NPT, and 3" female BSPT. The discharge may be ordered with either a 2.5" NHT or BSPP thread (3.5" for Model 7250). The COBRA™ EXM comes standard with permanent magnet DC gear motors but may be upgraded to high power motors. Both motor options are sealed to NEMA 4.

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Model 7200X2/7250X2
Max Flow GPM (LPM) 1250 GPM (5000 LPM) / 1500 GPM (6000 LPM)
Max Pressure 500 PSI (34.5 bar) Limited Duty
Inlet 3"-150# Flg, 4"-150# Flg, 3" NPT, 3" BSPT, & DN80-PN16"
Outlet 2.5" / 3.5" Male NHT & BSPP
Travel V: -45° to +120° (165°) w/ Extended Travel
H: L175 to R175 (350°)
Voltage 12 or 24 VDC compatible
Control CANbus (J1939)
Communication 915 MHz RF - FCC
868 MHz RF - CE
Material/Finish Teflon impregnated, hard anodized Elk-O-Lite®
Swing Radius 6" (152mm) 180°, 8" (203mm) 360°
Stow Height 16" (406mm)
Weight 31 Lbs. (14 kg) / 32 lbs (14.5 kg)

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(reduces turbulence in the water and improves overall stream quality and reach)
  282-A – 2.5" NHT F
  284A – 3.5" NHT F
  284-A – 3.5" BSPP x BSPP

  SM-1000E (D) – 2.5" inlet
  SM-1250E (D) – 2.5" inlet
  SM-1500E (D) – 3.5" inlet
  ST-195 – 3.5" NHT F inlet Triple Stacked Tips
  SM-1000E (D) – 3.5" inlet
  SM-1250E (D) – 3.5" inlet
  ST-194 – 2.5" NHT F inlet Quad Stacked Tips

  7010X2 –Panel Mount Controller
  7015X2 –Wireless Handheld Package
(must select FCC or CE version below)
        FCC application (915 MHz)        CE application (868 MHz)

  7030X2 –Proportional Joystick

   7051X2 Position Display (provides horizontal and vertical monitor position via LED display)

  EB30 Ball Valve
  EB35 Ball Valve
  EB4B Butterfly Valve

Refer to the Unibody Configurator to select the appropriate valve and endcap package. The EB series of valves matched with the E14X/E16X Electric Actuator all have the capability of being controlled from any of the EXM2 input controllers listed above

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  37543002 - 2' CAN extension harness
  37543010 - 10' CAN extension harness
  37543015 - 15' CAN extension harness
  37543020 - 20' CAN extension harness
  37543030 - 30' CAN extension harness
  37543040 - 40' CAN extension harness
  24196000 - CAN Splitter
  24197000 - CAN Termination Plug

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Panel Mount (2) Handheld (3) Joystick (4) Position Display (5)
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