Built-In Foam Eductors

Elkhart offers built-in foam eductors for all handlines (pipe sizes of 1.5” and 2”), and the eductors are compatible with most foam concentrates. The built-in eductors come furnished with valves, fittings and accessories for installing permanently behind the panel in pump compartment.

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3DClick here to view the 240-P 60-95-125
(2" NPTF) in 3D
   3DClick here to view the 240-P 60-95-125
(2" Victaulic) in 3D

*Scroll to the right on mobile to see entire chart
2.0" 60 (227) 95 (360) 125 (473)
s 17.25 32.9 240-60P
s 17.25 32.9 240-95P
s 17.25 32.9 240-125P
s = Standard   o = Optional
* Victaulic available

*Scroll to the right on mobile to see entire chart
Operating Pressures of Eductors
These eductors are designed to achieve rated flow with an inlet pressure of 200 psi.
They will operate at lower inlet pressures,
but the flow rate and percentage rate will be affected.
Checklist if eductor fails to pick up foam
Ball check stuck Clogged nozzle
Eductor handle not pulled out Elbow plumbed too close to inlet/outlet
Excessive friction loss between eductor
and discharge outlet
Foam handle not pulled out
Foam tank not vented
Foam tank empty Kink in hose
Hose lay too long Metering valve set improperly
Metering valve clogged with dry foam Partially closed nozzle
Mismatched nozzle Too much nozzle elevation


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