Boa 2000

Powered by:EXM
* nozzle sold separately
The efficient 4" vaned waterway and 3.5" discharge matched with an SM-2000E master stream nozzle delivers an effective stream while the power of the EXM provides all of the user-programmable options, including travel limits, oscillation, stow and keep-out zones.

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Model 7451
Max Flow GPM (LPM) 2000 (7570)
Max Pressure 200 PSI (13.8 bar)
Inlet 4” 150# Flange
Outlet 3.5” Male NHT
Travel (Factory Settings) V: -45° to +120° (120°)
H: L175 to R175 (350°)
Voltage 11-32 VDC
Control Communication CAN bus (J1939)
Digital radio frequency (unlicensed)
Material/Finish Red urethane enamel, hard anodized Elk-O-Lite®
Stow Height 20”
Weight 47 Lbs. (21.3 kg)

Panel Mount (2) Handheld (3) Joystick (4) OEM Interface Module (5)
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Position Display (6) X-Stream Series Nozzle (7) External RF Antenna(8)
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