Elkhart Brass Distributor

MDI is proud to be an Authorized Elkhart Brass Distributor in the U.S. and participates in regular product training sessions. We remain loyal to Elkhart Brass because we believe that each of their products is among the best on the market.

We recognize that your needs are important and deserve immediate attention, so when you contact MDI you will speak with a knowledgeable member of our team who will help you get the right Elkhart Brass product.

For over 100 years, Elkhart Brass has been manufacturing firefighting products. You can be assured that each and every Elkhart Brass component was designed and tested for reliability. The main focus of their products has been in firefighting, where reliability and performance are literally the difference between life and death. The Elkhart brand is trusted worldwide in the most demanding environments. Waterway shapes are computer designed for optimal efficiency using their own three-dimensional flow analysis software.

Manufacturing materials range from high copper content brass, to dual component, hard anodized, Teflon impregnated aluminum alloy. Motor controls feature built-in microprocessors and closed loop feedback encoders for fast, reliable positioning.

Manufacturers Distributor, Inc. is committed to providing excellent customer service on Elkhart Brass quality products at the very best possible price.

Call us TODAY at 727-835-0657 or Toll Free at 800-761-4298.

Contact our knowledgeable sales staff who will gladly assist you with your Elkhart Brass needs.

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