Chief ™ Fire Hose Nozzle

Fixed flow Chief™ nozzles efficiently deliver a constant gallonage from straight stream to full fog. The simple rugged design makes the Chief™ easy to use, train with and reliable in tough situations. Superior hydraulics due to a fully machined waterway result in excellent stream quality and reach. The Chief™ is also available in true low pressure versions with specifically engineered, calibrated and labeled stems down to 50 psi. With more than 300 available variations the Chief™ is easily customized to meet your specific needs.

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Chief Tips

Chief Nozzles

Chief Nozzles with Pistol Grip

Ultra High Pressure

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Tab Handle for Chief Nozzle
Horseshoe Hadle for Chief Nozzle
Long Base for Chief Nozzle
Short Base for Chief Nozzle
All nozzles are NHT unless otherwise specified. See index T-13 for optional base threads, including British instantaneous.
Molded Urethane Teeth for Chief Nozzle
Different Colors for Nozzle Heads

Color options available for pistol grip, bumper, and handle. Glow available for bumper only. Retrofit kit available for
Glow bumper. White bumper not available. Chief™ nozzle comes standard with an orange bumper, chrome handle, and natural Elk-O-Lite® pistol grip.

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Hannay Fire Hose Reels
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