Elkhart Brass ball shut-offs and playpipe nozzle
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Ball Shut-Offs & Playpipes

Elkhart Brass Ball Shut-offs and Playpipes are designed and constructed for rugged use and reliable performance, as well as providing an excellent foundation for your break-apart nozzle needs. Elkhart Brass Ball Shut-offs and Playpipes are available with a variety of options, including built-in smooth bores which can be used with a fog nozzle tip for maximum versatility.

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Ball is hydraulically balanced for a smooth transition from closed to open and open to closed.

Ball has a solid bore for optimal flow characteristics and stream quality — particularly for smooth bores and shutoffs with built-in smooth bores.

Figure 1
ball shut-offs and playpipes fig 1 SHUT-OFF
Figure 2
ball shut-offs and playpipes fig 2 SHUT-OFF with INTEGRAL SMOOTH BORE
Figure 3
ball shut-offs and playpipes fig 3 SHUT-OFF with PISTOL GRIP
Figure 4
ball shut-offs and playpipes fig 4 SHUT-OFF with PISTOL GRIP & INTEGRAL SMOOTH BORE
Figure 5
ball shut-offs and playpipes fig 5 PLAYPIPE with SHUT-OFF
Figure 6
ball shut-offs and playpipes fig 6 PLAYPIPE without SHUT-OFF

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Tab Handle for Chief Nozzle
Horseshoe Hadle for Chief Nozzle
All nozzles are NHT unless otherwise specified. See index T-13 for optional base threads, including British instantaneous.
Different Colors for Nozzle Heads

Color options available for pistol grip and handle. Ball shut-offs standards are a rough chrome handle and natural Elk-O-Lite® pistol grip.

Dimensions not available at this time.

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