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SkyStream™ EXM

Elkhart Brass Monitors

SkyStream EXM Monitors from Elkhart Brass
* nozzle sold separately


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Model 7500
Max Flow 3000 GPM (11355 LPM)
Max Pressure 500 PSI (34.5 bar)
Inlet 4” ANSI, DN100
Outlet 5” Male NHT
(Factory Settings)
V: -45° to +90° (135°)
H: L175 to R175 (350°)
Voltage 11-27 VDC
Control Communication CAN bus (J1939)
Digital radio frequency (unlicensed)
Material/Finish Teflon impregnated, hard anodized Elk-O-Lite®
Stow Height 28.6”
Weight 57.7 Lbs.

Recommended Products

Panel Mount(1) Handheld(2) Joystick(3) OEM Interface Module(4)
Panel Mount Handheld Joystick OEM Interface Module
Position Display(5) Smooth Bore Nozzle(6) Light Kit(7) External RF Antenna(8)
Position Display Smooth Bore Nozzle Light Kit External RF Antenna
SkyStream™ Master
Stream Nozzle(9)
Position Display

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Nozzles Smooth Bore 17" long, custom 2 3/4" Smooth Bore Nozzle for use with the SkyStream™ EXM 6 181-5A
SkyStream Master Stream The SM-2000E is an electrically actuated master stream nozzle for use with the SkyStream™ EXM. The X-Stream series nozzles automatically adjust to maintain an effective stream and maximum reach at variable or reduced flows.
* Requires adapter P/N 11375001 for use with SM-2000E
9 SM2000E
Controllers EXM Panel Mount Controller Complete panel mount operator control suitable for 2-wire connection to any EXM enabled component. 1 7010
EXM Handheld Controller Kit This package includes the panel mount controller (7010), handheld conversion kit (7020), & RF transceiver module (7061). Comes pre-assembled, configured, and ready to use. 2 7015
EXM Joystick Controller Joystick operator control unit suitable for connection to an EXM OEM Interface Module. 3 7030
Modules EXM Position Display Module Monitor vertical and horizontal position display unit suitable for 2-wire connection to any EXM enabled component. 5 7051
EXM OEM Interface Module(Wireless RF & CAN) EXM system interface - allows connection of model 7030 Joystick or other simple OEM supplied electromechanical switches to EXM system. Not Pictured 7072
EXM OEM Interface Module(Wired CAN only) EXM system interface - allows connection of model 7030 Joystick or other simple OEM supplied electromechanical switches to EXM system. 4 7073
EXM CAN Stow Module Connects to lockout devices to prevent equipment damage due to an improperly positioned monitor. Not Pictured 7095
Accessories External RF Antenna 10 ft extension for 7070 OEM interface module 8 7062
Light Kit 150w LED spot/flood from FRC. Operate and position from any Scorpion EXM control device. 7 7085


Taking the Scorpion EXM to the next level, the SkyStream EXM increases the flow capability to 3000 GPM (11355 LPM). With it's 5" NHT outlet, the SkyStream delivers best in class flow that provides a reach of up to 120 meters, making it ideal for use with fire apparatus, industrail pumper, and aerial vehicles.

  • 3000 GPM flow
  • Large range of travel: -45° to +90° vertical & L175° to R175° horizontal
  • Patented, elliptical waterway is Teflon impregnated, hard anodized aluminum alloy
  • Programmable travel speeds, 3D travel limits, keep out zones, stow and oscillation
  • Integrated water valve control

Safety Features

  • W.E.T.® monitors from Elkhart Brass promote firefighter safety and increase fireground effectiveness
  • Programmable features allow the firefighter to direct the stream with pinpoint accuracy while maintaining ease of use
  • Fireground personnel can tend monitor without being located at the apparatus


SkyStream EXM Monitors from Elkhart Brass


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