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Manual Elevated

Elkhart Brass Monitors

Manual Elevated Monitors from Elkhart Brass


Elevated monitor 299-11EL, 8394-02RC selector guide
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299-11EL* 8394-02RC
Max. GPM (LPM) 750 1000
Inlets Sizes / Types Size / Type
6” 150# ANSI Flange
4" 150# ANSI Flange 4" 150# ANSI Flange
Outlet 2.5” NHT 3.5” NHT
Controls Tiller with locks Dual hand-wheel
Material/Finish Brass and steel with red urethane enamel Brass with red urethane enamel
Friction Loss (excludes head loss) 13 psi at 750 gpm 10 psi at 1000 gpm
8 psi at 500 gpm 6 psi at 750 gpm
Travel V -37° to +45° (78°) V -45° to +90° (135°)
H 360° (continuous) H 360° (continuous)
Elevation Height Min. 10’ Min. 0’
Max. 40’ Max. 34’
Weight 300 Lbs. 140 Lbs.
*All data supplied for 299-11EL assumes 10’ riser pipe. Other lengths will change the data.

Optional Products

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295 Support Bearing from Elkhart Brass
Companion Flange Attachments for Manual Elevated Monitors from Elkhart Brass
  • Designed so that 4” waterway and vertical control rod can rotate inside of bearing. 3” NPT female for attaching to adjacent support
  • Finish: red urethane enamel
  • Weight: 31.5 lbs.
  • 150# ANSI cast steel flanges, supplied with bolts and gasket. Specify:
  • 3” (P/N 81315001)
  • 4” (P/N 81317001)
CJ-B-RC Select-O-Stream 283B Stream Shaper Smooth Bore

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Support Bearing 8394-02RC For monitor support when overall height exceeds monitor limits (for use with 500 GPM flowed at 20’; 750 GPM flowed at 15’; or 1000 GPM flowed at 10’) 4 295
Companion Flange 4”150# ANSI Steel flange with bolts and gaskets 81317001
External Supply Items
Riser Pipe 8394-02RC 4” intermediate riser pipe
Drive Rod 8394-02RC 0.625” brass or stainless steel drive rod for linking the vertical drive unit to the monitor
Operating Chain 294-11CW 0.25” non-magnetic aluminum chain for chainwheel (suggest McMaster-Carr part #3620T21)


299-11EL (1)

  • Completely free standing
  • Tiller handle operation for quick, easy stream directing
  • Tubular steel horizontal drive sleeve for continuous 360° rotation
  • Horizontal and vertical travel locks
  • Available in standard heights from 10’ to 40’


8394-02RC (2)

  • Base and upper that can be fabricated to any height (up to 34’) with customer supplied intermediate pipe
  • Lower base unit features chrome-plated brass worm gear and drive shaft
  • Upper monitor unit features hardened steel worm gear, fully enclosed gear housing and stainless steel worm shaft
  • Free standing to
    • 10’ at 1000 gpm
    • 15’ at 750 gpm
    • 20’ at 500 gpm
  • Up to 34’ and/or higher flow requires use of support bearing
  • 9” chrome hand-wheels
  • Grease zerks furnished at swivel joints for easy lubrication
  • Intermediate pipe attaches to upper monitor and base sections via NPT threads
  • Intermediate pipe (4” schedule 40) and vertical drive rod (5/8”) not included


  • Free standing or riser mounted
  • Designed to have the horizontal and vertical movement controlled at ground level
  • Control options:
    • Lever/tiller
    • Chainwheel
    • Gear Driven

  • Optional Materials
    • Marine Brass (85-5-5-5) construction is available on some models. Please inquire with our sales staff.
    • Other bases may be available on some models. Please inquire with our sales staff.
    • Nozzle Reaction Force x Height (in feet) of monitor = torque (Foot Pounds) at base of monitor.


Manual Elevated Monitors from Elkhart Brass
Manual Elevated Monitors from Elkhart Brass
Manual Elevated Monitors from Elkhart Brass

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