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Foam Eductors

Foam Eductors from Elkhart Brass

Elkhart Brass offers premium foam eductors to accommodate nearly any foam concentrate. This, combined with the durable materials and user-friendly designs, allow users to focus on the job at hand without having to worry about their equipment being anything short of a masterpiece in efficiency and quality. Both the built-in and portable varieties offer options that are compatible with 1” through 2.5” handlines. You can rely on our eductors to provide you with years of dependable service.

Foam Eductor Supply Kits from Elkhart Brass

Foam Supply Kits

Elkhart Brass offers two supply kits. Each include:

  • One .75” quarter-turn, inlet valve assembly with elbow
  • Quick-connect female coupling
  • Quick-connect plug with chain
  • Brushed stainless steel escutcheon plate
  • Foam pick-up hose assembly with quick-connect male coupling
Portable Foam Eductors from Elkhart Brass

Portable Foam Eductors

Elkhart offers an eductor for all handlines (1” through 21/2”) and the eductors are compatible with most foam concentrates. All Elkhart’s eductors:

  • Are easy hook-up / easy set-up
  • Feature red urethane enamel finish
  • Can be deployed in any position
  • Offer a removable pick-up screen and removable metering valve
  • Comes with a clear PVC pick-up hose
Built In Foam Eductors from Elkhart Brass

Built In Foam Eductors

Elkhart offers built-in foam eductors for all handlines (pipe sizes of 1.5” and 2”), and the eductors are compatible with most foam concentrates. The built-in eductors come furnished with valves, fittings and accessories for installing permanently behind the panel in pump compartment. Package includes:

  • One (1) 240 by-pass eductor
  • One (1) 890-01-01-D 1.00” inline valve
  • Two (2) 775-15 tee handles
  • Two (2) 775-11 rod guides
  • One (1) “thru the panel” metering valve with 5 settings (0%, 1/2%, 1%, 3%, and 6%)
  • One (1) ball check valve
  • One (1) brushed stainless steel instruction plate (with hardware)