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Single and Unibody Body Apparatus

Elkhart Brass Apparatus Valves

Unibody Apparatus from Elkhart Brass


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R1 TS Travel Locking Body Ball Seat TYPE (psi)
1” 90° Brass Alloy 844 316 Stainless Steel Hytrel Round 600 81 SB10/R1 8810/R-1
11/2” 90° Brass Alloy 844 316 Stainless Steel Hytrel Round 600 206 SB15/R1 8815/R-1
1” 105° Brass Alloy 844 316 Stainless Steel Hytrel Round 600 81 SB10/TS 8810/TS
11/2” 105° Brass Alloy 844 316 Stainless Steel Hytrel Round 600 206 SB15/TS 8815/TS

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Model Number Key for Apparatus Valves from Elkhart Brass


Unibody Apparatus from Elkhart Brass

Single Body Apparatus

Single Body Apparatus Valves come with an integral actuator of your choice - direct or remote. Designed specially for reliability, ease of installation and ease of use. The Single Body ball valve is designed to the industry standard dimensions. Features the option to select one of eight handle positions with removal of a single bolt. It’s that simple. Pair Single Body valves with Unibody Apparatus line for a total apparatus valve solution.

  • 1” & 1.5” body sizes
  • Dual self-adjusting seats provide bi-directional sealing
  • Corrosion resistant brass body with stainless steel valve ball
  • Eight position handle adjustment in 45° increments
Unibody Apparatus from Elkhart Brass

Unibody Apparatus

The answer to all your apparatus valve needs — the Unibody Apparatus Valve. The Unibody ball valve has been designed to be dimensionally identical to the Akron Brass heavy-duty apparatus valves for cross compatibility. Additionally, Elkhart’s Unibody ball valve has a single body design to simplify both configuration and installation.

A unique aspect of the Unibody valve actuator is the ability to be easily interchanged among the various Unibody valve sizes to simplify selecting or changing actuators. Just remove 4 bolts, and you can change the actuator on any Unibody Valve without breaking the waterway or internal plumbing.


Dimensions currently unavailable.

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