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Elkhart Brass Fire Protection Equipment

Controls for Industrial Fire Protection Systems from Elkhart Brass

Elkhart Brass Industrial Fire Protection Systems

Regardless of the nature of your manufacturing, industrial or commercial business, the safety of your people and the protection of your property have a top priority. Elkhart Brass recognizes this and has been instrumental in helping companies such as NASA, International Paper, BP, ARAMCO and many others do exactly that...PROTECT. From the smallest internal fire brigade to the remote controlled systems used to protect test facilities for America’s Space Program, Elkhart Brass works closely with clients to develop their own personalized INDUSTRIAL FIRE PROTECTION SYSTEM

Handline Nozzles from Elkhart Brass

Elkhart Brass Handline Nozzles

Elkhart Brass offers nothing less than the cutting edge of firefighting technology. Their series of handline nozzles is no exception to their tradition of uncompromised quality and reliability. Elkhart Brass has an extensive list of safety features ranging from user-friendly designs to a durable brass alloy that is relied on by organizations such as the U.S. Coast Guard and the U.S. Navy. The name Elkhart Brass has earned its reputation as the industry leader for nozzles and other equipment designed specifically to assist our firefighters.

Foam Eductors from Elkhart Brass

Elkhart Brass Foam Eductors

Elkhart Brass offers premium foam eductors to accommodate nearly any foam concentrate. This, combined with the durable materials and user-friendly designs, allow users to focus on the job at hand without having to worry about their equipment being anything short of a masterpiece in efficiency and quality. Both the built-in and portable varieties offer options that are compatible with 1" through 2.5" handlines. You can rely on our eductors to provide you with years of dependable service.

Appliances from Elkhart Brass

Elkhart Brass Appliances

In situations where seconds count, Elkhart Brass appliances are easy to use as well as reliable. Whether additional lines need to be added without interrupting flow, or if it is necessary to converge several flows into one concentrated flow, you can depend on the Elkhart Brass line of appliances for exceptional versatility and performance.

Monitors from Elkhart Brass

Elkhart Brass Monitors

Elkhart Brass has made fire suppression monitors for over 50 years. When you select an Elkhart monitor, you can be assured that each and every component was designed, matched and tested for fireground use. Additionally, Elkhart strives for continuous improvements in our monitors to meet the challenges of the fireground, wherever it may be.

Elkhart’s range of monitors span from manual, to electric and even radio frequency monitors — Elkhart has a monitor to suit every fireground need from lightweight portable through apparatus use to complete industrial systems. Be assured that as the established leader in monitors, all of Elkhart’s more recent monitor designs optimize current technology, are computer designed, and include features such as tapered cast-in vanes for high flow efficiency with minimized flow turbulence.

Master Stream Nozzles from Elkhart Brass

Elkhart Brass Master Stream

Elkhart Brass offers an arsenal of automatic, fixed, and selectable gallonage master stream nozzels that are absolutely the most reliable on the market.

Apparatus Valves from Elkhart Brass

Elkhart Brass Apparatus Valves

Whether you prefer traditional valves, or a more versatile option like the popular Elkhart Brass Unibody Apparatus valve, exceptional design and engineering are your assurance that you’ll find the right Elkhart Brass apparatus valve for the right application.

Apparatus Fittings from Elkhart Brass

Elkhart Brass Apparatus Fittings

Elkhart Brass also offers a variety of Remote Valve Controls to complement their apparatus valves and apparatus accessories that make your job easier.

Industrial Valves from Elkhart Brass

Elkhart Brass Industrial Valves

Elkhart Brass has all the answers to your industrial valve needs. Whether it be traditional or more versatile, their vast selection of industrial valves ensure the job gets done right.

Adapters, Caps and Plugs from Elkhart Brass

Elkhart Brass Adapters, Caps and Plugs

In the over 100 years Elkhart has been a fire service manufacturer, they have created a wide assortment of standardized adapters to meet the varied needs of the fire industry. This extensive selection includes Hose-to-Pipe and Pipe-to-Hose thread adapters to suit any need — whether for a male to female; a suction adapter with built-in strainer, NHT, NPT or custom order; or even for a universal adapter — you can find the perfect fit here.

Building Connections from Elkhart Brass

Elkhart Brass Building Connections

Elkhart Brass provides a variety of building connections inlcuding free standing, exposed and flush; all with inlets and/or outlets. All building connections are cast brass construction.